Emergency Food Fund Goal Met!!!!! The Angel Appeal NEEDS YOU!!

Emergency Food Fund Goal MET!!!!!

Help Needed! Angel Appeal Goal Not Yet Met!

Urgent Need in Venezuela for Your Help

As you are probably aware, the situation in Venezuela has gone from bad to worse!  People are dying daily from lack of food, clean water and medicine.  We at Stewards of Hope have vamped up our efforts to help some of the people in need but the need is just too great for our resources.  We currently are supplying 38 boxes of food and supplies every month to the Missionaries of Charity to spread out among their 7 homes across the country.  In addition, we have also decided to help out and old friend,  Father Angel Castillo, and his parish in  Barquisimeto.  We currently are sending him 20 boxes of supplies every 3-4 weeks but it isn't in any way near enough. 

WE HAVE MET OUR EMERGENCY FOOD FUND GOAL to fund our current efforts for the rest of 2019!  This is a true blessing and so very needed for all the people we serve. Thank you so much if you contributed to this campaign in any way!!!

NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP to make the Angel Appeal successful so that we can continue our efforts into 2020 and beyond.  The Angel Appeal is our effort to get enough monthly sponsorship commitments to sustain our current efforts. We need 50 donors at the $30 level!  Just 50 people who are willing to make that small sacrifice monthly to literally changes lives. This monthly sponsorship will supply 84 specially fortified meals to people who are desperately in need of them.  The more commitments we can get, the more people we can help!  They are literally praying for you every day and hoping against all odds that you will be there for them!  PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY!  Just email Michele at mcapelle@stewardsofhope.org for details!


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We are a nonprofit organization focused on providing hope to people in need. Our primary effort is to assist the needy in Venezuela.  We send shipments of food and necessities to people who struggle to survive. 95% of each donation goes directly to the people we serve.

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, we thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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How did we get involved?


Elba Herrera de Venta is a special friend of Stewards of Hope International.  It was through her help that we started our mission.

What exactly do we do?


We raise money through our sponsorship program, fundraisers and donations to send food, basic hygiene products, and other necessities to the needy in Venezuela.

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Check out the many ways to get involved in our efforts!  From the comfort of your home or out in the community at our fundraisers, you can join our mission no matter where you are!

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Many anticipate our annual Bunko Blizzard as it has become a tradition that is a blast!  This winner from 2019 was extra lucky!


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We are so excited each time we get the news that the Sisters or Father Angel have received our packages!!


Nutritious Food

The people we serve receive nutritious food to remain healthy and strong.  It not only feeds their stomach, it also lets them know that someone cares!